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Some Morsels That are Tasty OR Feeling Less Shitty Today

1)  One of the funniest, if not THE funniest, comments left thus far on my blog was on yesterday's post, Bad Naked, in which I described feeling numb, angry, and ugly.

Here's the comment:

"It's probably because you are full of sin and regret. You should repent and return to the Amish lifestyle at once. You have delved too far into the English world. Beer?! Please don't get fat. I don't want you to be angry, ugly AND fat. Jesus take the wheel! Maybe after tonight's Romney VS Obama , the Super Bowl of politics, you'll have new thoughts and fresh ideas to pump into your boring, "I love my children and new man" blog thought process that you can't seem to shake. You're probably getting all womanly emotional with the thought of aging with your birthday fast approaching(We're closer to 40 than 30 now). That seems to make most girls I know sad and miserable. I wish you were here so I could kick you right in your puss."

That was written with nothing but love and respect by my high school best friend, Chris Whatley (aka Anita Bump).  

I cackled.  It cheered me up.  

I remember in 11th grade I got into a screaming match with a friend in the hallway after school, and when it was over I was so devastated.  I turned around, and you were standing right there.  You grabbed me and hugged me while I cried. 

Chris, I love you.  Come visit me.  We'll go dancing in Boy Town together. And I'll drink something other than beer. 

2)  Timothy and Ada attend an after-school program.  I was picking them up yesterday when the little girl sitting next to Ada said this:

"Does anyone have any money...

that I can have...

cause my mom and dad need it...

cause my mom needs surgery on her head.

Hey, do you know where you can buy art?


And when you go look at, remember it's not for little kids.

I forgot to put that on there.  

I'll go do that today.  

I'll write on the pictures 'Not For Little Children'."

3)  FYI:  I'm employed!

Today will be my first shift at Cost Plus World Market on the sales floor (I went in before dawn on Tuesday to stock shelves).  If you've never been to a World Market, stop in sometime if there is one near you.  It's a lot of fun.  

I am very grateful for the job.  I am psyched to get retail experience under my belt again since my job at Blockbuster Music in '95.  

I'm just a part-time seasonal associate, so I'm still looking for a 2nd part-time job.  

4)  My cycle has synced with both of my teenage daughters, and, damnit, that makes me feel closer to them! Don't roll your eyes at me!  Let me have this!


  1. I love you more. Why do you have to be so damn far away?! I definitely see a trip to CA in our near future. Roy's childhood friends all live there (he's from Chowchilla) and his BFF just visited us and we promised to make a trip within the next year. Our goal is to rent an RV and have a mighty roadtrip for a couple of weeks possibly around August. I will give you ADVANCE notice. Thanks for the compliment. Glad I can STILL make you laugh. Wish I was closer so when you absolutely must cry I could still hug you. You are, and always will be, one of my most favorite people to have ever been a part of my life. We will re-connect soon! Miss you and love you! xoxoxoxoxox,


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