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In Which I Interview My Sister About Moving in With Me

Me:  Hi, Carrie.

Sis:  Hello.

Me:  I'm interviewing you right now.

Sis:  O..kay...

Me:  You recently moved.  Correct?

Sis:  I did.  I'm a free bird.  Because I live wherever I am.

Me:  I see.  So, where do you live right now, at this time?

Sis:  Well, I take my slumber at your house, Sister.  But I like knowing that I live in California.

Me:  And why is that?

Sis:  Firstly, California is more evolved than many of the other states.  It has mountains, Gandalf, mountains! And the Mother Ocean is not too far away.  And I can smoke pot here and not a criminal.

Me:  But you are a criminal...

Sis:  (giggles)  According to the effed up system, you mean?

Me:  I mean, it's not like you live in Colorado.

Sis:  Well, it beats Louisiana & Oklahoma.

Me:  Tell me about the highlights of your first 6 days here in Southern California.

Sis:  Coming from the Louisiana swamp lands (for the last 4 months), the air here seems crisper and smells much better... delightful e…