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Mad Woman

I am a single mom. 

I am. 

It's just what I am. 

And because I'm a single mom, I have to work.  The logic there is so... wrong.  Right?  Because when a mom becomes single, your kids need you more than ever.  But, no, no.  Mama's gotta work.  Hard. 

When I started the blog last year, I needed moola.  More than I could make in Cedar City, which, with my work experience/resume, was minimum wage.  But I was working nonetheless.  Nearly 40 hours at that.  I didn't mind the working.  Not at all!  I love feeling productive out in the world.  I'm a great employee to have, because I value livelihood. 

I would have given/ would give anything to be able to stay home with my kids, and organize fun things and projects for us to do as a family, and be there to make sure they get their chore charts done whilst keeping the home clean, and just, you know, be there.  Being mom.  I'm here, kiddos.  I'm here for you when you need me.  You are just children, and I am your nurt…