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My Virgin Lungs

This is not a post about marijuana.  Though, it could be.  I've tried it...


This is a post about good ol' fashioned cigarettes.  And me.

My daughter, Hana, started smelling like cigarette smoke from time to time.  Could she be smoking?

I decided, yes, she was, after going through this process of elimination:

1)  She's hanging out with smokers.

2)  She's wearing cigarette scented perfume.

3)  She's smoking.

I spoke to her about it.  Several times.  She'd change the subject each time.

I'd say things like:

1)  I know you're smoking.

2)  Stop smoking.

3)  Please, stop smoking.

4)  It's against the law.

5)  Smoking is the dumbest thing anyone could ever do.

When she changed the subject, she give me a blank look for around 4 seconds and then say any of the following:

1)  When am I getting my cell phone?

2)  Can 'So&So' move in with us?

3)  So...'What's-His-Name' came over today.

So finally, after this bullshit, I pul…

I'm such a Libra.

I was blogging every single bless-ed day for months.

Then I crashed.

I just had to.  I'm a Libra- I had to just stop for a while.  I gotta have some balancing time.

I wouldn't say I necessarily wanted to.  It wasn't like one day, I said to myself, "Oh, god.  Do I really have to blog today?"

It was more like when you've had several days in a row of several beers a night, and you can't help but eventually notice that you're awfully bloated and sluggish.

Maybe my blog has served its purpose.

Maybe its...done.

Maybe not.

Maybe the dingo ate your baby.

Here are some highlights of the last several months that I shall gracefully impart unto thee heretofore:

#1  My credit effing sucks.

#2  I continue to see things happening with the Mormon church that affirm my choice to leave it behind.

#3  I love my apartment.

#4  I am dialect coaching for Secret Garden at Performance Riverside.

#5  I sold my van.

#6  I am car-less.

#7  S…