Mistress Quickly

I drove to Vegas and back...TODAY.

In Cedar City, I had 3 cats.  My very first cat ever was November of 2010.  One of Hana's teachers was giving a cat away, and I thought it would be good for my kids.  So, low and behold, we have a cat.  I regretted the decision for a month or so.  I'm sure Mistress Quickly did, too.  We didn't change her water enough, and it grew mold (no joke).  Hana closed her tail in a door, like, her 3rd day with us.  Among other things that can happen to inexperienced cat owners.

Then a few months later, a friend of Emma's was giving away kittens.  I thought maybe Missy needed a friend.  As you can see, I was still thinking like an IECO (inexperienced cat owner).  Cats don't want friends.  Her name is Frankie.

Lastly, in January of this year, I was leaving work at the library, and there was a sweet boy cat (teenager) in the parking lot- just going around meowing at everyone.  I took it home.  His name is Richard.

That night, I stood in front of the mirror and gave myself a good hard look and asked myself, "Who have I become?"

Well, this moi, IECO, hadn't gotten Frankie spayed yet.  So she got pregn'nt, y'all.  I mean, from the moment I brought Richard home, those 2 had stars in their eyes.  I'll never forget the cooing.  I always felt like I was walking in on something I shouldn't be.

Frankie had 5 kittens in May.  I was there for the whole thing.  I saw those teeny tiny kitty-poos come into the world.  I made sure they were breathing and stuff.  I saw Frankie go through contractions.  I saw her eyes roll in the back of her head.  I watched her pant.  She gave Jeremy and I a look of "What's happening to me?!!"

Then I had to give her kittens away.  IECO cried.  I'll never do that again.  Never.

Then Frankie went outside about a week before we moved and never came back.

I left Richard in Cedar at a temporary home, Alpha Female's home, to be exact.  She has lots of land, and Richard is primarily outdoorsy/hunter.  When he was with me, he'd come home every 2 or 3 days and just sleep all day, then go out again.  Typical male.

I left Missy (Mistress Quickly) at the home of Emma's best friend in Cedar.  She turned out to be allergic of Missy.  So I scrambled to find another temporary home for Missy.  My friend, whose father is the vet, took her.  She turned out to be allergic to my cat.

Met her in Vegas this morning.  I had already arranged for Missy to stay here in Redlands at a friend of Hana's.  So down to Vegas and back up today with Ada.  I have cat here in town, and I'm so happy.  I love her.


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