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Adventure Update, Shoo Fly Shoo

So the night before last, I left my going away party a tad early to clean my apartment, as my walk-thru was scheduled for 11 the next morning (yesterday morning).

My friend, Alpha Female, gave me an Adderall.  "What is it?"  I asked.

"If you think it will take you 2 hours to clean, you'll get it done in a half hour," she replied.

"Well, okay, then!  Jeez, you are so friendly!"

I arrived at my apartment at 11pm.  Around 2:30 am I had the most delightful sense of well-being.  "That's because it's the PG version of cocaine!" Mr. Greekopolis told me the next day in utter horror.  Huh.

I cleaned straight through until my walk-thru at 11am.  Promise.  I did not even sit down.  I did have help.  Earlier in the day, a sweet, beautiful neighbor came over for an hour or two.  Then during the all-nighter, my great friends, Mr. and Mrs. Hilarious, came over for 2 hours.

Walk-thru happened.  Apparently, my apartment was still dirty.  "The kitchen is still dirty," says Wicked Property Management Lady.  "I spent 4 hours in there alone!" I said to her with my eyes bulging and unmitigated shock in my wobbly bones.  "Oh," she giggles, "well, I it's not ready," giggle giggle.

Had dinner last night at my favorite Cedar City spot, Don Miguel's, with some of my besties (don't hate me for saying besties) Mr. and Mrs. Greekopolis.  (I had 2 hours of sleep since cleaning-blitzkrieg).

Came home to Alpha-Female's, where we're staying until I drive off today.  Called Jeremy, who is now in Denver.  Sipped a glass of wine and fell asleep while on the phone.

This is alls I gots times fors todays.  Trying to tie up a milliondy-billiondy loose ends before we leave this afternoon.

So here's a photo for your absolute plaisir:  

Me.  After a performance of the Vagina Monologues.  (I did the moaning piece)


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