I Should Go Get a Coffee

OMG, you guys.  I'm moving.

Anywho, yesterday at work I was talking to BeBop, and he was all, "What am I gonna do when you leave, Ashley?  And (another employee) might be leaving.  I'll have no one to talk to!"

Because I was really worried about him, I asked, "Are you gonna kill yourself??"

Then we laughed.  Then we cried.  Then we broke out into a dance routine to Funky Cold Medina.

Timothy and Ada are so excited to be with their daddy again.  I'm so excited to start shopping for private jets.  I really need to get on that!

Today's post is short, but sweet.  I'm really sweet.  I really am.  People give me things because they think I'm so sweet.  I can't help it.  It's who I am.

I know I should end this and get back to work, but I'm just frozen here, motionless.  I can hear the furniture and crap that I'm moving to the storage unit whispering, "Ashley...Ashley...get up off that chair, you bitch."


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