Just the Facts of Life

There is a totally mothah-effing radical guy from Wetumka, OK that I may or may not work with at either the library or the gym who I'm gonna call BeBop.

We like to make work FUNSIES, so today BeBop asked me some questions.  Because I told him to.  Because I had blogger's block today.

Here's what he asked me and here's how I answered:

Driving down a road, you see James Cameron on one side and a cute kitten on the other, who do you swerve to hit?


As far as personality goes, who in your family is a duplicate Ashley?


What are 3 things you love?

Condensed milk
Straight-man sex

What are 3 things you hate?

Music from the latter half of the 90's
Your dreams

If you had to choose an advertising slogan to capture yourself, what would it be?

I must be your lucky star/Cause I shine on you wherever you are

Animal, vegetable or mineral?

Richard Dean Anderson

The End.



That's right.


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