More on Steve Bajooly (Are You Sitting Down?)

I have quite the update for you...

Remember Steve Bajooly?

So he and his wife are splitting up.


I ran into her at work.  When I asked how she's doing, she said, "Awesome!"  Apparently it's been a long time coming.  Hmmmm...  I didn't pretend to be shocked.  My reaction was more like, "Oh, you'd like to check out this Nora Roberts novel?  Okay."

I'm not gloating.  Promise.  Remember how I'm divorced?  I went through that.  No matter how much one or both parties wants it, it's still unimaginably rough.  And that's putting it mildly.  Oh, and they've got SIX kids.  Six.

There was a time before my divorce was final, (and remember, I really wanted the divorce) my mom and I were having lunch at Quizno's.  I could barely have a conversation.  I was trying.  My mind was being pulled away from me by other forces.  My mother at one point had this frightened look on her face and said, "Ashley??"

I hope his wife enjoys her High Priest Group dinners.  And, just like me, she'll be just fine.

As for him, if my BYU professor was right, I should find out if Matt's interested.


  1. Ah, Karma strikes again!

  2. Wow! One thing I have learned in my life it's never say 'That would never happen in my life.' I also think that Mr. Bajooly is going to suddenly become a lot less intolerant of people's choices.

  3. I'm gonna guess that Steve Bajooly said those exact words to his wife, " No one can be happy when they are divorced! And there is never a good reason to get a divorce." Now I'm guessing they've been discussing divorce for quite some time now and more than likely...(just a guess)....HE and ONLY HE feels that he will be unhappy if his wife wanted to divorce. Therefore not caring about HIS or HER happiness. Like I said...just a guess.

  4. LOOOL. Karma FTW!!!

  5. I personally think Matt could do with a male version of you. Steve Bajooly has a long way to go, Sister!

  6. Bwahahahahaha! There...I said it.

  7. I just realized who Steve Bajooly is.


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