What It's Really About (RE: The New LDS Policy on Gay Couples & Their Children)


It's not that we don't get the point that you're trying to make about protecting the children- which of course we don't agree with.

It's not that we're making a mountain out of a mole hill, either.

It's that the church is reiterating, loud and clear, that these beautiful people who are just as good and kind and deserving of happiness as heterosexuals or otherwise and didn't 'choose' their sexuality anymore than I chose mine, are grievous sinners when they choose to live as their authentic selves.

Shouting from the rooftops. Gay marriage is a grievous sin. We're protecting the children from confusion.

Confusion from what? From the confusion that the church creates by deeming homosexuality a sin. The church creates the confusion. A loving couple wants to raise children of their own- love them, nurture them, champion them, guide them. And when the child realizes the church's rhetoric, harmful disgusting rhetoric about their loving parents, you're damn right it's going to cause confusion.

THIS, this is what is at the root of our outrage, our pain from this. You are conceding that the church deems the parents of these precious children grievous sinners.

Tolerance malarkey and pretense of acceptance.

So many members were confused and thought the leak of the excerpt of the handbook was a hoax, but then when that woman who compared the movie, Frozen, to  perpetuation of the gay agenda,  published a blog post defending the church's reasons, those confused members did a complete about-face (quoting another post I read).

Or maybe it was Christofferson's inadequate statement -adequate enough for you to be able to shelve this and sleep at night.

You simply cannot liken this 'protection' to similar policy involving children of polygamy. Polygamy is a choice. Your sexuality is not.

And how many things can you really shelve in a lifetime? How many times can you just accept issues you can't reconcile in your heart and put on the back burner for when you 'get to see Heavenly Father'   and ask him all your unanswered questions. Is your faith really enough when it comes to equality? Decency?

Members had 'faith' for decades regarding the 'doctrine' on blacks and the priesthood. And then nearly 40 years after lifting the ban, the church issued a statement claiming it never really was doctrine, only racist, RACIST, men leading the church.

Talk to me more about faith.

Talk to me about prophets being the mouthpieces of God for decades of non-doctrinal injustice toward black members.

Talk to me more about this being the one true church.

The one true church which claims to have Jesus Christ at its head should have been ahead of the racism nightmare in this country, not a straggler.  The church should have been the Poster Child for equality from DAY ONE. 

When an organization is straggling behind everyone else when it comes to justice and equality, that's a culture. Not gospel.   Certainly not a Gospel of Love. 

And now, back to this.  Today.  The current issue. 

Your rhetoric about faith and not needing to understand all things is what's hurting us the most.  There isn't whole lot to understand here.  It's abhorrent. 

It's drawing a line in the sand. 


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    1. Sorry, posted twice for some reason. Surprised you haven't gotten more feedback. It's so good!

    2. Sorry, posted twice for some reason. Surprised you haven't gotten more feedback. It's so good!

  3. Mosiah 3:19

    It doesn't matter if you were born gay or decided to become gay. It's still wrong. Just because I was born this way doesn't mean I should act on it. My 'authentic self' as defined by the great and spacious building of Babylon is not what my Heavenly Father wants for me. I made a choice not to act as my natural self would have me, but as my Father in heaven has commanded.

    1. Nobody "decides to become gay". The ignorance of some people never fails to amaze me.

    2. Allow me to clarify please::

      It doesn't matter if it's genetic or environmental, it is still wrong.


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