Why I Need A TV

I don't watch TV much at all ever.

Except for the following:

Game of Thrones
The Walking Dead
New Girl

Anywho, there's no TV set up here yet. Not even DVD watching capability. So what are Timothy and Ada doing? Throwing pencils and erasers into the pool from our balcony.

Now, I'm sure if my children didn't suffer from a 'lack of parenting', they wouldn't need to do that... Or watch TV even!

I love cuddling with my kids.

I love having deep conversations with them.

I love playing with their toes.

I love making them laugh.

I've never been good at the other stuff, like, 'Let's all gather 'round the family dinner table and sculpt the faces of all the presidents out of clay!'

I tried to get a game of Memory going this morning. And that quickly morphed into the afore mentioned 'what can we projectile into the pool of our new complex that has as many rules and doctrines and signs and symbols as Mormonism?' activity.

I mean, hey, y'all. I grew up on TV.

Lots of it.

And look how I turned out!

(Interpret that as you will.)

(Yes, a gay-marrying, failure of Mormonism)

(Now go jump in a lake.)


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