Thoughts on the Election by a 13 Year-Old

"I'm sick and tired of people my age who can't even vote arguing over the Presidant! Like seriously! Why do you care so much!?? We are supposed to be kids and not give a flying monkey poop about politics! And honestly, no one who can vote cares about you opinion because in their eyes you are still a kid! In 4 years we will be barley old enough to vote! And all we are supposed to do as kids is go to school hang out with friend's and be a care free mofo!!!!!! It's getting old! And saying "oh the country is just going to get worse" doesn't apply to you yet!! God! We. Are. Still. Kids!!! That's why you can't vote until 18!! Gosh!!! We just need to Not CARE!!! It's just dumb and we are waisting our short childhood! Hold on to it! Don't let it go because you'll miss it when it's gone!"

My daughter, Emma Neves, everyone.


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