I Just Wanna Be Loved, Is That So Wrong?

Jeremy is in Colorado making friends.  I think that's fantastic.

His primary group of friends are the people he works with at Starbucks.  And some of these co-workers are girls.

Now, hang on.  This post isn't about jealousy.  (Just kidding, yes, it is.)

He's been hanging out with his new friends enough that fragile, little me started to have the first inklings of nerves.  We were FB chatting a couple of nights ago when I brought it up- 'it' being my nervousness.

"It's just that with me so far away, your friendship with one of these attractive girls could so easily escalate without anyone ever meaning for it to."

He Skype called me right after that.

I answered.

He assured me nothing like that would happen.

I started to cry.

I Skype cried!

I really just wanna see my boyfriend.


  1. Its going to work out, Ash. I love you.

  2. i can assure you he does. it will work out--soon, you'll be together again and imagine how intense the se..i mean conversations will be!!


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