Friday Foto (F)album!

 Ada around 2 years old.  She'd pull her pants up like this a lot.  I think it made her feel grown up.

Ada this summer.  She was pretending to be a girl whose parents died in a car accident and this was a photo of her missing them.

Me in college.  I was hungry.  Circa 1995

Me and a Pedo-Bunny.  Circa 1980

My brother.  Thomas Horatio (sp?) Wilkinson.

Timothy at Ariel's Grotto restaurant at Disney's California Adventure.  Circa 2006

My cat, Richard, asleep on my bed in Cedar City.  Circa this summer.

New Year's Eve party 2 years ago with ye olde BYU buddies- none of us are Mormon anymore... what did BYU do to us???

Hana and Emma inside one of the A's outside of California Adventure.  Circa 2006

A goat.

Richard with Frankie, who he knocked up.  Frankie went outside a week before we left Cedar and never came back.  


Me.  Circa 1980

My beautiful mother and myself.  1976.  

A photo of Ada that her teacher gave me today at Parent/Teacher Conference.  Circa today.


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