Some Things That I Used to Love, but Now I Hate So Much... and Visa Versa:

Homework.  I really did enjoy it all the way until 12th grade.  In college, not at all.  Now, helping my kids with it, makes me wanna punch windows out.

Blood and Guts.  When I was a kid, I couldn't handle the thought of shots, having blood drawn, surgeries.  When someone would mention such things, I felt like I was being cut into.  Also, I couldn't stand looking at wrists.  Now, I love Walking Dead which is all of those things.

Classical Music.  I'm not sure what the psychology is behind this, but it used to hurt me.  I mean, it made me have ANGST and wailing and gnashing of teeth!!!  Now, it is like pure oxygen and catharsis.  There is something about beautiful perfectly played music with no words to dictate what to think or feel.  The music is my own to interpret and apply to anything I'd like.

Reading.  I struggled to enjoy it for many many many years.  Now, it's one of those things that I wish I had more time for, like, a hot bath (but better).

Cooking.  Screw cooking and the horse it came in on!  I loved cooking one time.  When I was in first grade, I was making pancakes on Saturday mornings.  Loved experimenting and trying new recipes all during elementary school and up until college.  I stopped enjoying experimenting soon into my marriage and just stuck to casseroles and stir fry.  After I had my 4th kid- FORGET IT.  I hated cooking like Mrs. White hated that french maid in Clue.

The Shape of the Female Hiney.  I used to be embarrassed by it when I'd see one in movies and such.  And I never wanted to look at my own.  The woman's derrière is flat and wide.  Even in skinny girls, it's wider than any other part of the body, so it looks wide and flat.  That is because of our child bearing hips.  Now, today, I understand that men really love it.  At first, I was incredulous.  How can anyone like that shape?  We look like a cello back there.  Well, they really do love it.  So I thought twice about it.  More than twice.  Seven times.  I even checked out the view in the mirror once, trying to see it the way a man does.  I was like, Okay, okay... And now I love seeing women's rear ends at the movies!  And I'm straight!

Grunge.  You know, it served an important purpose- it changed the face of music when it sorely needed  nips and tucks.  That's kinda how I see disco.  Such a specific kind of music.  It was like that Monty Python, "And now for something completely different!" So needed.  But only in its time!  Now, I don't know, it's just boring.  With the exception of... Smells Like Teen Spirit.  That song will never go away.

Spring.  I used to get all kinds of excited about this Mary Poppins-y time of year.  Easter eggs and Easter dresses.  Wizard of Oz coming on TV.  Flowers.  Pastel M&M's.  But now it gets me depressed.  ??????  I really love cold, crisp, cloudy Earth-times!  And for some reason, I don't feel like I've been gettin' enough.  Cedar City, where I was for 8 years, is a desert.  That could be why.  Not enough gloomy weather to satisfy my broody, enigmatic personality.


  1. Eddie Veddar has become the Barry Manilow of our time.

  2. "We look like a cello back there."

    Look up Man Ray and his photograph "Violon d'Ingres". Note to yourself that from a straight man's point of view, "looking like a cello back there" is A Good Thing. Especially for us musical types (although my main instrument is trombone...).


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