Like I said yesterday, I've been working on a piece for some time. I started playing around with the story about 7 years ago.  I would go back to it occasionally, but it was an emotionally difficult piece to revisit. 

This last winter, I was compelled to go back to it.  And finish it.  

It is now an eBook. 

It's a fictional narrative short story (about 14 pages in Word).  It will not be part of a series, however, this is only the first of a few projects I'm working on that I will publish as eBooks within the next several weeks.  I'm not ashamed at all when I say I hope this venture into eBooks will bring me some type of income. 

This short story is priced at only 99cents.  (How do we write that these days?  $0.99?  .99? Why doesn't my keyboard have a little 'c' with a line through it?? But you get the idea.  If I were British, I could say 99p and that would be that.  But such is life.) 

Fair warning:  This short story is done in quite a different writing style than the style of my blog. That's not to say that it has objectionable or inappropriate material for some audiences (I asked Hana and Emma to read it for me to get their feedback, and they are 14 and 13 years old.  And in case you're wondering what they thought of it, they didn't read it.  They weren't interested). My only point is that it's written in a different style.

Here's the description you'll find on

A man who tries to love. A woman who wants a child. A little boy who is all alone. 
At the center of this tale is Danny Jerome whose most painful discovery is that the only unconditional love he has ever known is the love he gives away. 
Bullies and Secrets. Red hair and Miracles. 
Desolation and Ghosts.

I'll add to that~ The story is set in the southern US, primarily Louisiana. 

Buy it for download here.

Read it on your computer, Kindle, iPad, iPhone, etc.


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