Game of Carols

I had this genius idea the other day.

Ever seen/read Game of Thrones?  If not, the phrase "Winter is coming" is repeated throughout.

What they are referring to is the fact that in this world seasons last a very long time, like, years. They are speculating that they are at the end of summer, which has lasted several years.  Then after a short autumn, winter will set in for a good long time.  And no one ever knows how long it will last.

Add to that these rascals called 'White Walkers'.  Zombies.  They live in the cold places, and when it's winter everywhere...

The Wall- a giant wall of ice and snow that separates the 7 kingdoms from the Wildlings

Night's Watch/Brothers in Black- the men who dedicate their lives to living at The Wall to protect the 7 kingdoms

Winterfell- Stronghold in the North (but south of The Wall)

My idea is a spoof-

"Christmas is coming."

It's said with just as much of a sense of impending doom.

I had Jeremy help me flesh this out:

Scene opens on 3 brothers in black of the Night's Watch who are north of The Wall.  They hear a sound.  Like a child squealing.  

They stealthily make their way toward the sound, but not without absolute fear in their hearts.  

One of their dogs leads them to something.  

The brothers dismount their horses to get a closer look.

We see their faces looking down at something on the snow covered ground.  Then they all look at each other.  

The oldest, wisest of the brothers in black looks off into the expanse of the wood, and proclaims bleakly, "Christmas is coming."

The next shot is of a mutilated elf in the snow.  


We now are south of The Wall.  

Scene opens with the men of the noble Stark family who are dismounting their horses as they have discovered something on the ground themselves.  

We see only the Stark men, Ned and his sons, when Ned whispers, "I haven't seen one of these south of The Wall since I was a boy."

"Father, the mother is dead.  Her babes cannot suckle.  We should take the helpless creatures to Winterfell to care for them.  There is one for each of us," said Bran, who is only seven years of age.

"Too dangerous," Ned replied.  "Let nature take its course.  We must return now to Winterfell before your mother weeps for our absence."

"Father, I'm with Bran.  I could not bear to leave these babes to starve," said Robb, the eldest of the Stark sons.  "And Bran is right.  There is one for each of us, even the girls."

"But not one for me..." quipped Ned's bastard son, Jack Frost.  

"Well, wait a minute.  Look!  There's a runt hiding underneath its mother's corpse.  An albino even.  There you are, Jack,"  said Robb.

Ned admonishes his sons, "Very well.  You will each care for them on your own.  No help from your lady mother or myself, the Lord of Winterfell."

As they are remounting their horses, the camera pans down to the ground where we see a massive, slaughtered reindeer.  

 Jack names his white reindeer Spirit.  It quickly grows into the largest of the pack.  

The Starks adopt the Reindeer as their sigil. 


Scene opens north of The Wall on a vast breadth of snow covered land, as far as eyes can behold. We hear the sound of marching.  

The next shot is of the face of a fat brother in black who is hiding behind a large rock, terrified for his life.  

The camera pans right to the sound of the marching, the culprit of the fat brother's fear.  

Sitting atop a larger than life undead reindeer, sits Zombie Charles Dickens.  Behind him are droves upon droves of zombie Dickens carolers, singing an eerie, unharmonious deluge of jumbled Christmas carols in sharps and flats.  They are marching toward The Wall.


I would love to do a web series with this.  And cast my buddies.

Also, this is copywrited, bitches.


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