A New Story

 I have a dear friend that I will call My Angel.

She taught me a concept that is brilliantly brilliant.  It's all about Telling a New Story.  Changing the old story, because the old story gets old.

After some raw emotions and potent posts recently about Mormonism, and a friend pointing out to me that I am still so defined by that, I've decided it's time to Tell a New Story.

So here it is:

I am defined by me.  I am defined by who I am, and what I choose to surround myself with.

I am surrounded my loving family and friends who are accepting and nonjudgmental of me.

I am surrounded by opportunities for growth and success any which way I turn.

I am free of any obstacles that hold me back from Spiritual Growth.

I am on a clear Spiritual Path that leads me toward enlightenment and joy.

My experience with religion brought me what I needed for very crucial periods of my life, but now I have moved upward to more light and truth and beauty.

I am grateful for how Mormonism served me at times in my life when I needed guidance, when I needed a path, when I needed structure.

I am now secure in myself and my gifts and my own power.

I am light and knowledge.

I am joy and brilliance.

I am free.

I am limitless.

I am connected to the force that is Love, which created all things.

Through that connection, I create a life of fulfillment and grace and abundance.





  1. Thank you! I needed this today :)

  2. "Grace and abundance"... how beautiful. What more could we want? <3


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