A Birthday Gift From You to Me

Tomorrow is my bday.

And y'all get to give me a birthday gift tomorrow for free!

You get to write a brief post for my blog as if you are ME!

It must include:

1) at least one swear word

2) something about Mormonism

3) something about my kids

4) something about my gay ex or divorce

5) it MUST be funny

Remember write it as if you were me.

Send me your writings at ashleystinycrumbs@gmail.com

(Look for more fun posts for my bday tomorrow!  We're all in this together!)

Love, Ashley


  1. Sorry. All I can come up with is Have a Hell of a GREAT Day :)

  2. Happy Birthday Danielle Steel!

    1. It's 1:15 in the morning and I totally said Happy Birthday on your birthday, but Blogger for some reason still thinks it's the 9th. Clearly Blogger is behind, like the Mormon church and the Pope.

    2. Ha! Thanks for the birthday wishes, Chris and Janey!

  3. Oh farckle. Tonight is the eve after Family Home Evening and now that each of my children have come out of the closet, I'd really like to be down at the karaoke bar singing something from the 90's...no wait...80's and holding onto the mic stand in ways that make my friends slightly uncomfortable. I definitely won't sing or dance in any sexual or suggestive ways, however.


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