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Those of you who were following the Becca fiasco have been asking what ever came of all that.

For those who have not been following it, what happened was basically this:

Someone named Becca left a comment that rubbed me the wrong way.  I replied to the comment which rubbed her the wrong way.  She claimed to know me.  She said her husband's name was Christian who was a closeted homosexual who'd killed himself 6 months ago.  I couldn't remember anyone by those names.

After some more private correspondence, she decided that she perhaps has me confused with someone else.

A Man of No Importance
When I was packing up to move out here, Matt called me.  It had to have been only 2 or 3 days before I left Cedar.

He asked if I'd like to be in a play reading.  I said, "Well, sure!" He said, "Okay. You'll get an email. Bye."

I was privileged to be a part of the very first in a play reading series that Matt has created for his theatre.

Not only that, A Man of No Importance is a gorgeous play.  It's about a man in 1960's Dublin who is a bus conductor, puts on community theatre with his bus patrons, and is closeted and in love with the driver of his bus.  The play's journey takes the audience through the demise of his production of Salome while, simultaneously, the townsfolk and his spinster sister find out that he likes 'fellahs'.

Because it was a staged reading and not a full on production, there were only 5 rehearsals before the one-time performance.  I sobbed every time we did a run through.  When the lead character, Alfie, comes to terms with his sexuality, he feels wonderful and alive, only to be humiliated moments later.  Then the play ends with a gorgeously tender moment with his cast and sister.

Ashley-on stage-sobbing.  I just had to tell myself it was what my character would have done.  So that's what I did.

Thanks, Matt, for that opportunity.  I worked with some incredibly talented people.  Every role was filled by a top notch actor from Southern California.

Also, thanks to the director, Jason James, and cast & crew.

She joined up with ROTC at school.  And she loves it.  Uh, could there BE anything better for her???

She turns 13 next week.  My 2nd teenager.  Shit.

The Boy
In case you were wondering, I haven't heard anything about him seeing the blog or some such related news.  Whew.

Last Week
I left my purse and keys in Matt's car which was with him at work.  Since I was stuck at home for the day, I had a (one) glass of wine at 11 am.  Which means I was drunk at 11:05.  I made a chocolate cake from scratch in my underwear.  I danced in front of Matt's mirror while the cake baked, and I ate chili cheese Fritos. I'm sorry you weren't here to enjoy that.

I love you.


  1. I follow your blog religiously because I love you. I want to start with that. I also want you to know that you are the only blogger whose blog I actually take the time to construct sentences in my head and type them on your blog thread... even though the required captcha makes this process incredibly annoying. The other day I took the time to construct quite a reply to one of your blogs. Sometimes you'll just reply "LOL" or "WOW" which generally makes me smile and understand that you're busy with all those kids you made... so I get it. Dissapointed that I don't get more of a response, but understanding that I am not special or to be coddled with praise for sharing my mostly smart-ass or incredibly funny banter with my old friend from High School. OK... back to my reply... I recently deleted my FB page because, for me, it's a waste of time and was starting to make me view my "friends" in a different light. I don't want that. I want my friends to be my friends regardless of what they "like", dislike" or patronize in general. I don't know who this "Becca" gal was and seeing you update the progress of the story in this post I am happy to know that she had you confused with another red-headed Mormon who married a fag. I mean there has to be tons of you...right!? (That was me being a smart-ass)What was disheartening to me was that you deleted a couple of blogs and with those blogs deleted a comment that I, as an avid reader and fan of yours, took the time to write. I was always so annoyed when I had a FaceBook page and people would post things...wait for a reaction... and then delete them. You've drawn your audience in. It's already been put out there. We, as readers, have invested in your story. So why remove it as if it never existed? I guess I will never get my reply that I sat waiting on for hours on end. Yes, I'm pathetic. Your words actually mean something to me. Your attention. It always has and always will. I will not say "NEVER", but for awhile I am going to refrain from commenting here on your blog posts when they seem to be so quickly dismissed like they never were. I guess it was more hurtful than anything else. You posted 9 fucking parts about some retard that fucked with your life from High School and divulged so much information that my brain hurt and quite frankly could care less. I think THAT particular 9 part blog was more interesting to your female readers- specifically the ones that also had crushes on this so called retard from our High School glory days. It's your blog, so you can do what you want, but I just wanted you to know that I will be refraining from comments for a bit. Every sport has unwritten rules, and blogging is no different. As a previous blogger, I always took into consideration that one unofficial "law" is that you should never delete any of your blog posts or the comments left by readers. People are always talking about "online life" vs. "real life," but the reality is, we only have ONE life. The way we manage either component trickles into the other. Sorry for the rant. I love you. Happy Crumbing.

    1. Poor Chris. The world doesn't revolve around you? Is Miss Ashley not following your rules? Not petting your head and saying what a good boy you are? We will sorely miss your oh so insightful comments. I don't know how we will all go on.

    2. Anonymous? Your words have NO value. Miss Ashley? I don't know her from Vacation Bible School. lmfao. She's my best friend from High School. Go eat an anonymous shit sandwich. I'm flattered that my comment here was worth YOUR time for a reply however. LLLLOOOOLLLLL.

    3. Chris... You must be the friend she's talked about here... the guy she went to prom with... yes? =)

    4. Yes... I'm the prom date smart ass whom the world revolves around, Lizzy! ;O)

    5. Nice to make your acquaintance, Chris. =)

  2. Chris: Yikes. Relax.

    Ashley: I wonder if "Chris" might be The Boy... The emotional state strikes me as spookily similar.

    1. I'm not "the Boy"... again...lmfao. I'm a fag that knew there was no church that could "fix" me. Again with these "anonymous" folks. Too funny to me. I'm glad you can tell so much about my emotional state from one comment on a blog thread. I bet you're a rich shrink! How envious I am... Off to whack some golf balls and work on my emotional state. I guess I need a 6th day off a week. Life is really taking its toll on me. lmfao. The problem with social media is that there is no emotion. It is hard to convey one's thoughts without being misunderstood. Much the reason why I tend to shy away from commenting threads or replying to other's comments to begin with. Have a good day anonymous. ;O)

    2. Hey Chris, As someone who doesn't know you at all, I have enjoyed your comments. Never commented back since as you stated, written words are hard to put emotion behind. Don't know if you are being angry or sarcastic and didn't want to come across wrong. Keep on commenting, and know that many of us love you for who you are not who you decide to love. To more comments in support of Ashley!


      PS...Yes captcha sucks big time!!

  3. Whatley, email me. ashleystinycrumbs@gmail.com Loves.

    1. Wish I would have had that email initially. ;o) Sorry to stir the soup here on your blog post. Feel free to DELETE all of the comments on this post if you'd like. lmfao. I have sent an email. I would have called your cell, but it didn't seem like a crisis to discuss on the phone since I was merely relating my feelings to your blog. LOVES.

  4. Whatley is one of the funniest guys I have had the pleasure of knowing in high school. He's been a part of Lovey's life for too many years and knows too many things about her to be belittled by anyone wanting to comment and defend her as though they feel it is their duty. There is one thing you should've figured out about Ashley by now and if you haven't by now then just don't bother commenting at all. I won't bother telling you what that is as you would probably miss it. And Chris doesn't need defending either, obviously. So don't be stupid and confuse this post as a defense of him either.


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