There is some confusion about why I deleted posts/comments in regards to Becca.  Here's why:

Because as weeeiiirrrrd as that whole thing was, apparently her husband killed himself.  Shot himself in the head in front of their child, no less.  And only 6 months ago. I deleted the stuff by her and about her out of respect for that.

It was just a situation that was originally intended to be entertaining but became a fiasco after she mentioned her late husband, and I was supposed to know/remember who they are/were...but I don't.

But there is a child out there somewhere that belongs to Becca who is dealing with witnessing his father shoot himself.  It haunts me. All the stuff about her on the blog here seemed petty and childish after that.  The end.


  1. Ashley, I love your writing and your blog stories. I am so glad that you took the high road and deleted the entire Becca situation. I also applaud you for taking the time to figure out if it was a "troll" or not.

    Whew...It seems like you have opened up a hornet's nest with this blog. Keep your head up, write what you want, and only apologize when you feel like you owe an apology.

    I am neither LDS or married to a gay man. I just honestly enjoy your writing and your life sharing.

    PS...Watch out for Ada, I think she will give you a run for your money!! Wordly acceptance will come with time. Thank You.


  2. Your blog, your call.

    I too also enjoy reading your blog, very enjoyable :)

  3. Best blog I read. I try and read everything before it is deleted. I still think someone is f&#*ing with you. Please tell me you don't really eat at Denny's?!

    1. Also, since clearly I am still commenting, THUSLY isn't really a word. Queenie would be shaking her head at that one. LOVES.

    2. Totally eat at Denny's on the regular. It's cheapish and it's halfway between my house and the house of a friend who is also unemployed/underemployed.


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