Falling in Love Again, Etc., Part 6~ The Wrap-Up

Short (very) and sweet (truly) post today in which I will teach you.  I will teach you about love and journeys. And hearts. And rooms.

I am an oracle.

Falling in love is a process.  And the process becomes a journey that doesn't really end.  I think once you've loved someone, the relationship could end, but your heart and soul are forever changed.

A continual journey.

The Boy is not in my life anymore in any way.  And I think I really did love him (in some unusual way).  On rare occasion I think of a fond moment or two that we shared.  I still have a nice feeling when I think of the memory.  I think that is still love.  Am I still in love with him?  No.  No, no.  But the feeling is more than a memory of love.  My heart made a room for him once.  Like, a room with a soft bear rug in a cabin in the mountains.  That room is still there.

Same with my boyfriend that I had senior year of high school. Same with Matt, the Ex.

And now I'm on a journey with Jeremy.  I hope that journey lasts a long time.  Like, my whole life.

When I met Jeremy, one of the first major things I learned about him was that he'd sworn off marriage.  "I never want to get married again."  That didn't/doesn't bother me.  I could see myself trying marriage again one day, but not anytime soon.  It's not something I even think about.  I think about other things right now, like being a Strong Black Woman.

So our journey will be interesting.  Well, it already has been.  (Full House laugh track)

We talked recently about how much we miss each other. About how in the world are we ever gonna be together?  We have kids that we are committed to right now.  It's a tough one.

This won't be the last post about Jeremy.  But I have told you the story of how I fell in love.


  1. i work at being a strong black woman, too. we'll succeed, methinks.

  2. You're so dang cute sometimes.


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