The Pale Horseman of the Apocalypse

On Saturday afternoon, Matt had to go to a rehearsal.  I was taking a nap when he left.  

I woke up from my nap and found he'd left his iPhone on the couch!!!


I say to Hana and Emma, "Um, you this dad's iPhone?!" I am holding the iPhone like an explosive device that has a timer on it.

"OH MY GOSH!" "WHAT!" "NO WAY!" "AAAHHHHHH!  "SERENITY NOW!" are some of mine and the girls' various responses.

We do this for about a half hour.  

Then one of us, can't remember who, has the brill idea to hide it and create a scavenger hunt for him to find it.

Thus ensued the best 1 1/2 hours of our lives.

The 3 of us are collaborating on all these clues and such, and we are having a freaking blast.  Also, we are working together quite well.  I know this because I've seen lots of Project Runway and Top Chef episodes- they could take some lessons from us.

When everything was in place, we took off so we wouldn't be home when Matt got back.  

I'll now take you through what Matt found when he got home:

On the front door~

In the entry way~

On the inside of the medicine cabinet door~

Next to Matt's doorbell chimes~

Under the rug~

A gift from his Miss Saigon cast

On a shirt that the girls said made him look like a park ranger, so he took it off immediately~

The thermostat~

Emma's notebook~

Even though this is on the front of the fridge, this was the hardest one for him to find~

The final clue- when he bought his sheets a few months ago, the girls were with him.  He was looking for the right size.  The package of sheets he chose said 'standard queen'.  Hana made a joke about how perfect the sheets were for him, because, "Dad, you are a standard queen..." ~

The hiding place- in the center of his bed, under the fitted sheet~

These were posted throughout the house for him to see while following the clues (we clipped all these from Out Magazine):

Hope you had fun.  Tomorrow I have a much meatier post for you.


  1. Oh my heck!!!!!! Lolololololol !!!! Brilliant!! Hilarious!!! How fun!!

  2. omg! Those clues are sooooo amazingly AWESOME!!! And the commentary by the hot dudes? hilarious!!!

  3. This was so much fun!! Was he amused by it? Or did it frustrate him? I love it!

    1. He loved it. When we were getting it all ready, though, Emma stopped a few times and said, "Guys, dad's not gonna love us anymore." But, whew... he enjoyed.


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