Ronald McDonald

We are at the Las Vegas Ronald McDonald House. We were cleared to stay here even though Timothy was discharged.

And, wow.

It's like a hotel but with free laundry facilities, dinner prepared for you, refrigerators and pantries full of food.

Tonight we had tacos. The fixins were prepared by the Divas2Die4 Social Club.


Some random details of this Koo Koo Krazy ordeal I will highlight for you now:

Hana was in top form. Surprisingly maternal and jumped on anything I asked of her without a question or 14 year old moment.  Her spirits were high, and she hugged everyone lots. 

Timothy got trigger happy.  When all of us but him left for food, I told him how to 'push' for the nurse. Apparently, he buzzed them, um, quite a bit. When I came back even, he continued to buzz them.  I was back from picking up food and in the room when he pushed the call button, which I didn't realize till the nurse came in and Timmy asked, "When will my lunch be ready?"  Oh, dear god. 

When the rest of us went to get lunch, we all really wanted Raisin' Cane's.  The hospital was on Maryland near Flamingo. We drove in 104 degree heat (outside temp, that is) down past south end of strip. Oh, the sweat. Oh, the heat. Oh, the teen angst. We get our beloved heroin-laced chicken fingers with crinckle cut fries and Texas toast. We take the freeway back to cut down on time in the van. Almost upon arriving at the hospital -like stone's-throw distance- we are at a red light and look to our left and see another Raisin' Cane's.

When leaving the hospital, Timothy said, "Thank you for everything," to the nurses and doc.  Then he hugged his sisters, Hana's friend, and his mom.  "Thank you for taking me to the hospital, mom." Oh, sweetie, will you ever really know how much I love you?

Redlands will still be there tomorrow. Thank you, RMH- The House That Love Built.


  1. Oh, I love this post. I'm glad Mr. Timmy is feeling better. We will miss you.


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