On the Western Front

We are all in Matt's car. Close quarters. BUT it has air conditioning.

We are heading to Glendale to see Matt's sister and swim. The ride is over an hour.

We hadn't even made it out of Redlands before Emma was yelling, Timothy was trying create his own fun that no one else thought was fun, Hana was swearing, and Ada started crying blood.

We have the Top 40 going, which is like unto the sound of cats mating to my ears, but it calms the teenagers and their gay dad down.


I immediately now take that back. Timothy and Hana just started punching each other.

I have to pee so bad. Also I didn't eat lunch because I wasn't hungry before we left, but now I'd like to stuff my face for emotional purposes.

All is quiet now. No more cat mating sounds. I'm going to enjoy this while it lasts.

(Ada is in the trunk)


  1. BAHAHAHA! Welcome to CA! I can hear your kids from Sherman Oaks! :)

  2. Now you know why I didn't travel with teens.

  3. Those two teen girls in the back look scary mad! Aren't teen girls such a joy?! ;) (Yeah, most times they are I know..)


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