Wednesday, August 8, 2012

But I Still Could Use a Massage and a Facial and Several Cocktails

You guys...

Do you want to hear more? Do you want to hear how the insanity has continued? I mean, would you even believe it? Would you?

So I told you in my video post about the heat alarm going off in the van around Barstow.

And then the fridge being broken. Not all food was spoiled, but, come on...

The next day, yesterday, was to be scramble-to-get-kids-ready-to-start-school day. Because the first day of school was TODAY.

I woke up yesterday morning with the intention of getting started right away, but between moving Jeremy out of his apartment, moving out of mine (remember my cleaning all-nighter?), the traveling, two hospitals, and the deathly heat of the van, I was the most stupid tired I've been since giving birth.

Luckily, I had to wait for fridge repair man to show and couldn't go anywhere until one o'clock. I went back to bed for two hours.

Fridge repair man quoted me $400 for repair. Hahahahaha! Of course, I told him to jump in a lake. Matt, who is out of town until tomorrow, made a call and arranged to get a new fridge.

Here's how rest of day progressed:

Drop Timothy and Ada off at a friend of Hana's for a couple of hours.

Take Emma to middle school to get her schedule. Cannot get it without her emergency contact card which supposedly came in mail in May. "Bring proof of address to get a new emergency card."

We put off that to go get her 7th grade shot. The nurse's computer is not letting her input the shot info in order to print off the proof the school needs. "Come back in a couple of hours."

Take proof of address back to middle school. They have closed for the day.

Take Timothy and Ada to school district enrollment office to register them in hopes they can start the next day. They have closed for the day. They reopen at 7:30 the next morning.

We drive to school to see if we can at least pick up a supplies list...nope.

There is an ice cream social starting at the elementary though. Ada wants to go.

I pull her away after about twenty minutes to return to medical center for proof of Emma's shot. I arrive two minutes before closing, but have the paper in hand.

I'm so sorry, World. Did you not get the memo that I am a strong black woman?

Nice try.

I have overcome way more than this. I have come to California to be a star. While at the Vegas hospital, I was in the bathroom, noticed the mirror, was apprehensive to look into it, but I did...AND I LOOKED AWESOME. I am only more awesome after this past week.

This morning, Hana was getting ready for her first day of high school. Y'all, she asked me to do her hair. Don't get too excited. Or at least don't let it show! Best morning ever!

And I made coffee using a pitcher, a strainer, and paper towels BECAUSE I FREAKING ROCK, A-HOLES!!!

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  1. OMG...Hana Girl Child - First day of High School and SHE asked Mom to help with her hair! ---ASHLEY you are doing something right!

    Go Girl. Go Strong Black Woman. Kick ASS.
    xoxoxo --Gina