Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are...She Brings You Good News, or Haven't You Heard?

This is a day of Independence!  For all LGBT and their descendants!

Wouldn't today be a super duper day to come out?

But you're are scared.  AND EVEN THOUGH I WOULD LOVE TO, no one should be dragging you out of the closet (perhaps unless you are making plans to marry someone of the opposite sex...perhaps).  You should do it when you feel ready.  But what if you never feel ready?  What if you are terrified of losing the people in your life that you love the most, like your parents or siblings or et cetera?  What you face is put it mildly.

So here's what I have for parents and siblings and et cetera today.

Meet The Young Lady Who Fell From a Star~

I don't know how this former acquaintance of mine would feel about me linking her blog, but this family's journey is JUST. TOO. AMAZING.  The human family needs to hear about the journey the Rudd family has been on with their little Atty.  I just don't know how this story could not open your minds and soften your hearts.  This is a story about love- love unconditional.



  1. I love the Rudd family!! And have adored this blog for awhile, but I'm glad you har reposted it!!

  2. Oh man, I am flattered. Seriously. I had no idea! I actually have a blog specifically dedicated to raising Atty. Send me your email and I will add you.

    And Melissa - you sweet lil' thing. You're always so nice!

  3. I love this entire blog post! One of my best friends came out last year. I have been waiting for him to realize he was gay for the 6 years I have known him. It has to be in ones own time. And I love that Atty's parents realize that she is a girl no matter what parts she was born with.


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