An 80's Pit Stop

Jeremy is moving to Denver tomorrow to be closer to his daughter who lives in Greeley.

I've been helping him most of the day and partly yesterday.

Because I've been so busy scrubbing a straight man's apartment, if you get my drift, haven't had time to write.

So I entreat you with some 80's themed photos:

Me- 4th grade.  Circa 1986.  Ransom Elementary, West Monroe, Louisiana.  The 3 of us were doing Run-D.M.C.'s You Be Illin' for the 4-H Talent show.  It was a highlight of my elementary school career.  I need to blog about that period of my life.

Me in Vegas a little over a year ago.  With not just one, but 2 MJ's.  It was during my sobby-24/7 period.  This moment was one of the few that dried up the ol' peepers.  Can you guess which one is the real MJ and which one is really Elvis in an MJ disguise?  



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