5 in the Morning

I had to open the gym this morning.  I go in through the side door so I can get lights, TVs, and music turned on before I open up to the regular 5 am group waiting outside the main entrance.

This morning, no one was there.

That regular crowd of about 6 people was not there waiting like every other Friday morning.  My first thought was that maybe it was because of my blog post yesterday.  My next thought was zombie apocalypse.  I felt silly very quickly after thinking these thoughts.  The zombie apocalypse should have occurred to me first, of course.  I felt like maybe I owed zombies an apology.  Or at least the cast of The Walking Dead.

So this oversight on my part, made me think about how much this blog has become a part of my daily, even hourly, experience.  When my first post went up and I got such an insane response to it, my first thought was, "If I'm gonna continue with this blog, I really need to know who I am."

And I do.  I know who I am.  I love nachos and would really love for someone to take me out for nachos tonight. 

I am me.  You are you.  Let's hug.


  1. Dear Ashley,

    I LOVE your blog. (((Hugs)))

    daughter of a MOM living in provo and sad that you're leaving our state. sigh.

  2. Somehow this was incredibly poetic and awesome.

  3. YAY
    I do so smile when I read your daily posts... I'm glad I'm not alone when I think of Zombies first thing in the morning!!!!!!!! YAY ASHLEY!

  4. I recently found and really enjoy the the honesty of your experiences.

    I am sure your readers know that when you are talking about Mormon's/gays/Men/whatever you are not making blanket statements about all. You are simply relating your experiences to us. Keep at it :)

    Hugs back at you.


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