I Think a Big, Fat 'Holy Crap' is in Order

An article about how a certain organization believes gays should be put to death.


  1. So, I'm from the land of Mo and so are most of my friends. The Utahiest parts of Utah, I like to say.

    Anyhow, I was trying to explain the exact things you said in your very first post to the eternal wife of a friend of mine in regards to my gay sister. The cognitive dissonance, the depression, the lack of hope, teetering on the edge of suicide, the miserable (and in her case short) heterosexual marriage, the coming to terms with who god made you and living an authentic life, and that she might have joy. Joy. Mixed in with an assertion that yes, sex and sexual attraction were important emotional bonding points in marriage that shouldn't be overlooked.

    Of course she refused that part about joy, couldn't fathom it, and while adjusting her halo told me, "She should have killed herself for displeasing god."

    I told her, "You can say that to me and I'm going to think you're an asshole. You could say that to my sister and she'd probably spit on you. Or you could say that to our father and you'll know how fast a 65 year old man would knock you down."

    That conversation was five years or more ago and she's not changed at all. I like my friend but I cannot imagine the cognitive dissonance in his own home masked as righteousnous. I, for one, refuse to associate with her in any way. They have five children. My parents had five. One of them is gay...god forbid any one of her children be forced to choose death and authentic life.

    ...and The Salvation Army can suck it.

  2. Wow! This made my day! Laughed out loud. I did. Thank you.


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