An Example of Why Matt is My Best Friend

A few weeks ago, I was visiting my ex in SoCal, and he took me to a drag show he frequents in Riverside featuring Raven (I will post later about how since my feminine awakening in the last 2 years, Raven is the only 'woman' who makes me feel like maybe I'm not really a woman at all). 

I was thrilled to be spending time with Matt, out and about, and asked him to get me something to drink. 

"What'll ya have?" he asked. 

"Get me whatever you're having."

"Are you sure?  I drink really gay drinks."

"What does that mean?"

"They are super sweet."

Then I gave him a look that meant, Have you ever met me before?  Cause, ya know, I fix up my coffee to taste like a melted Coffee Nip. 

His reply to my look was, "Okay...," in other words, You asked for it...

He brought me back a drink that was so sweet I almost took it back. 

"What is this?!"

He smiles like an embarassed kid and says, "It's called a Gummy Bear."

Matt, I love you so much. 

Then later, after the show is over, he and I stay and are chatting and watching the videos of the songs that are playing in the club.  I glance at the big screen and see Nicki Minaj, who I cannot stomach, in that Starship video .  I groan, "Ugh!  I cannot stand her!"

"Um, what?  She's incredible.  I love her."

"Are you kidding?!"

I look on in horror at the horror.  "Matt, this song doesn't even, like, flow!  It's just a boring melody with house music jammed into it periodically."


"And, Matt, it's not even about starships!"

"I love her so much,"  replies Matt.

About 5 days after I got home from California, I called Matt-

Ring, ring...

Matt:  "Hello?" 

Me:  "Damnit, I like that Nicki Minaj song now!!!"


P.S.  Watch this video


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