Ashley, Take a Deep Breath In...and Slowly Let it Out

A Break and a Party

I think we are due for a wee break from The Topics.

I have plenty more to say.  Starting tomorrow.  But tonight, after working an 8 hour day, is a party!  A couple friends and myself planned a party for the Summer Solstice, which was yesterday.  But the Hostess was flying in from Fiji last night.

Oh my.  I've never even been to Mexico.  But I've been to New Mexico!  And I've had Mexican food, and one of my best friends is Mexican, and I've been to Europe!

Europe and Fiji aside, tonight I enjoy a Summer Solstice party in conjunction with saying goodbye to one my dearest friends who is leaving this climate for much, much greener pastures (cause it won't be a desert).

Alcoholic Drinks & My Children

I had a little chat with my 2 younger kids at dinner a few nights ago about this party.  It went something like this:

So, guys, next week we're going to a party, and there will be swimming and a bonfire and s'mores and other kids!  


Um, there's one thing that I want to mention to you (gulp) about the party, because I didn't want you to be surprised at the party...

What is it? 

Well...I am going to be drinking wine...



Aaaaand that went super well. 

When Matt stopped doing the Mormon thing, I asked him if he'd started doing things he hadn't before.  He said that he had not.  "Why not," I asked.  "I don't know.  I'm sure I'll try things out when I feel like it."

I was with him the first time he ventured into that delightful realm of booze.  He was nervous.  I was still very active in the church at the time, but my husband was a grown man and could make his own choices.  I was sitting across the table supportively eating chips. 

I was with him the 2nd time he partook.  He had 3 Long Island Ice a row.  Yep.


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