Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Most Triumphant Week in California, Dudes!

So I knew California would totally be most excellent.  And now I can prove it!

1)  Circle K's are back in my life here in Cali!  Brah!  We be jahmmin' in Cali!

2)  There's a button at the Circle K that gives you the choice between cubed or crushed ice for your fountain drink! Whaaat??? Wow, thanks, California! 

3)  Men really know how to hold the door open for a lady around here! It's happened to me several times since I got out here! Thanks, Cali dudes!  That hardly ever happened in Utah!

4)  There are crossing guards workin' those crosswalks everyday before and after school! That is so rad of you to protect the children! Thanks, from the children! No child left behind in Cali!

5)  There are orange trees just all over the freaking place!  Thanks, state of California for makin' sure I get my C!  Here's to health on the west coast!

6)  Drivers sure are quick to jump on that horn when I've lingered 1.3 nanoseconds too long at the stop sign! Thanks for helping me on my way! 'Preciate ya!

7)  In California, you can find gutted punching bags near the sidewalk!  Thanks for makin' me think and wonder and scratch my head!  That's good brain exercise!  Love ya!

8)  The kiddos get to eat lunch outside, because, come on!  It's Cali, y'all!


  1. You're just too cute Cali Ashley! I'm sure there's lots more to discover. We hope to live vicariously through you and your family.

  2. Lololol!!! Great post!!! Love it!! But what about the gays in Cali?

  3. I love drivers in Cali!! They hold up their hands and tell me I'm #1 all the time!!!